Malta citizenship through real estate investment is a popular program of its kind in the EU. It offers investors and entrepreneurs with high net worth an opportunity to gain Maltese permanent residency and citizenship by investing in the country. Malta investment scheme was first introduced in 2014 aiming to attract foreign investment. Every year over 1000 individuals apply and gain the Maltese citizenship through this program.

Here are some of the top benefits of obtaining Maltese citizenship through investment.

  1. Freedom of Movement

Malta stands among the EU countries and within the Schengen zone. It means investors who get Maltese citizenship can live and work anywhere in Europe. You do not need visas or any passport checks for traveling to other 22 countries lying in the Schengen zone.

  1. Obtain Quick Citizenship in Malta 

Applying for the Malta citizenship scheme allows you to obtain citizenship within a short time of 12 months. This timeframe is much shorter than other similar programs offered by other countries.

  1. Passport for the Whole Family 

Malta citizenship scheme grants you a Maltese passport not just for you but also for your whole family. You will need to make extra contributions for your dependents to get them citizenship. Provided that any children born in Malta automatically get citizenship, it means your children and grandchildren will get Maltese nationality.

  1. Tax Benefits 

Malta has a very competitive tax system which is based on residency. It means you do not need to pay tax in Malta even after you have obtained its citizenship. The country offers special tax schemes aimed at providing new citizens with additional tax efficiency.

Malta offers the lowest unemployment rates and one of the highest GDP in the EU countries. Unlike other citizenship investment programs by other countries, Malta has a quicker processing time. Besides freedom of movement and visa-free travel to European countries, a Malta citizenship scheme through real estate investment and contributions to government-approved bonds and funds.

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